Friday, January 19, 2007


This has been a rough week, and I'm glad it's Friday. True, my mama duties remain on the weekend, but at least I've got help during the day.

The extreme cold, the car-less-ness, the disastrous attempt at potty-training, the mouse in the house, and poor baby Genevieve being hideously constipated (we're going on nine days here, people), thus resulting in severe fussiness and inability to sleep, all contributed to the general yuckiness of the week. The house is a dusty, crumb-tastic mess, I haven't exercised all week, and we've been eating things for dinner like refried beans on tortillas. With canned fruit if you're lucky. People, it's been really, really sad.

Here's a quick update so far: Genevieve is still constipated despite many, many home-treatment remedies suggested by the pediatrician. She is currently napping, and when she awakes, she has a sad and unpleasant surprise waiting for her in the form of a doctor-prescribed enema. Poor, poor honey, and poor, poor me who has to administer it.

As for the mouse in the house, yesterday afternoon I happened to glance outside just as I was telling a friend on the phone that I used to see a little mouse out there last fall, and I am not kidding, at the very moment the words escaped my mouth, I saw a little black mouse beyond our patio in the snow, probably the one I used to see outside last fall, and looking identical to the one I had thought was still trapped inside our storage closet with the two mousetraps Christopher put out the night before. Wily little mouse! We're sure it was him; he evidently somehow gets in and out from inside the closet. Last night Christopher sealed off some tiny holes and so far we have not seen him again (inside OR outside).

You know, January is a pretty bleak month, even without epic constipation, potty training accidents, and rodent visitors. I'm ready for February. After all, it includes my birthday, Valentine's Day, and the promise of slightly longer days and a lot of chocolate.


Donna said...

FYI - If a hole is wide enough to stick a pencil in it, it's wide enough for a mouse to squeeze through - they have amazingly pliable heads. Good luck with the house hunt! Here's looking to a better weekend - and a poopy diaper for Genna!

Heidi said...

I just find it kind of ironic that while one daughter isn't going potty *enough*, the other one's potty-going is the source of a whole other type of frustration!!! Give the potty-training a rest and try again in March.

Shan said...

Yep--it was pretty ironic, that's for sure...and taking a break for now and trying again in a month or two is just we're going to do.