Thursday, January 25, 2007


So I just blew through $72 at Target, and, aside from one bottle of calcium supplements for me and a double roll of paper towels, it was ALL diapers (for both girls) and baby food. (We're starting Genevieve on solids soon.)

Yeesh. Is it any wonder we're having a hard time making ends meet? $72 for a few weeks' worth of diapers? Good Lord. I know it's not good financial management, but I didn't have a choice: out came the credit card.

On a cheerier note, we three girls started our new session of toddler class today. Julia's in the 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 year old class this time, and Genevieve goes to--drum roll here--sibling care! Yes, it's true....I actually drop her off in the baby room before Julia and I go off to the toddler room for joint parent/child play. Just like last session, halfway through class we separate, and the mamas go for parent discussion in an adjacent room while the toddlers play with their teachers. Julia had a fantastic time, despite the class being twice as large as our class in the fall (12 kids this session!), and had no problem with the separation. Genevieve, however, was apparently not so sure about being left with someone she'd never seen before, and was a little bit sad. Dang, I was hoping stranger anxiety wouldn't start so soon--she's only five months old, after all. But it was OK.

As for the mouse? Haven't seen him today. Am trying really hard not to think about him. Have decided that denial is as good a coping mechanism as any.

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