Friday, February 09, 2007

The Dentist, People.

Unlike some (wholly admirable, of course) folks I know, I DO complain. Hopefully I also express sufficient gratitude for my blessings. So let me first remind you that I had a wonderful, very sweet birthday party thrown for me (THROWN for me!) last weekend. And let me mention that my folks are arriving today for the weekend to help me celebrate my birthday again (fun!). And let me say that several thoughtful friends sent birthday e-mails and cards yesterday, and one dear friend called. And let me also tell you about the great birthday card I received from my girls yesterday. Christopher took the dictation, and it said: "Happy Birthday, Mama! You are my dear mama and I love you. Mama loves purple."

All that is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. But...

The days of spending your (actual) birthday having nothing but fun? With, oh, maybe some cupcakes or something? And a dinner you specially requested? And multiple presents? And, I don't know, dispensation to get out of your chores? Those days are so, so over. Aren't they?

Yesterday I did laundry, made beds, mopped floors, and went to the dentist. (The dentist! ON my birthday!) After that, I picked up some frozen pizzas for our dinner. I opened my present from my dear husband, and though there are absolutely no bad feelings between us whatsoever about it (i.e., it wasn't, say, a vacuum cleaner or some fancy lingerie that would have been more of a present for HIM than for me, nor did I do anything like act all bratty and ungrateful for something he worked hard to procure), it was one of those gifts that just wasn't right--a bit of a gamble on his part, one of those things you can't really buy for someone else without their input, and, unfortunately, it's going back. (Sorry again, honey! I really DO appreciate it immensely.)

Then, I went to bed early only to be immediately awakened by a crying baby, who stayed up, crying, for over two hours, awakening the other child, who inexplicably stayed up, howling, for an hour herself, to the point where I sighed, closed both doors, and went to sit at my usual nighttime post at the laptop to surf the Internet and read my favorite blogs to the tune of baby tears until one a.m.

I couldn't help but think, Yeah, this birthday leaves something to be desired.

So this morning, tired and imminently caffeinated, I'm looking forward to the weekend of belated birthday happenings, and am re-reading that treasured birthday card: "You are my dear mama."

And friends/family: thanks again (or in advance) for the cake, the gifts, the party, the cards, the e-mails, the calls, the love. Really, it leaves nothing to be desired.


Question said...

Happy Belated. I have a husband who has also taken some risks and failed. They mean well, but...

Shan said...

Thank you very much. Yes, that's the way it goes with husbands sometimes. That's okay! He brought me flowers on his lunch break today, so, you know, he still wins the Best Husband Award.