Sunday, February 04, 2007

Growing Up

Whew, talk about a milestone weekend. Genevieve sprouted a tooth, Julia visited a preschool (we checked out the open house for families interested in enrollment in the fall), and I celebrated--early--my 36th birthday at a party given by some fabulous friends. Let's bypass the shock and awe of the fact that I am turning 36--closer to 40 than 30, people!--to discuss, instead, the wondrousness that was the gigantic chocolate cake with buttercream frosting balloons. Yum. Birthday cake makes everything, including chronic sleep deprivation, easier to take.

Oh, and speaking of news, I'm excited to let you all know that I've got an essay coming out in the next issue of The Mothers Movement Online, which is published next week. Check back here; I'll keep you posted and include a link when the issue goes up.

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Donna said...

Lots of great news!