Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Feet

For at least the past eight or nine months, Julia has been extremely interested in feelings and the kinds of faces people, animals, storybook characters, etc., make when expressing different emotions. All last summer, she insisted that whomever was coloring with her should "draw a sad face" over and over, so she could study the downturned mouth and then draw "tears" onto the face--two long straight lines descending from the eyes. Since then, she has routinely asked, a million times a week, "What kind of face is [Pooh, Lowly Worm, Eeyore, Babykins, Olivia, Ernie, Big Bird, Postman Pig--whomever she is inspecting in the book she happens to be "reading" at the moment] making?" She also asks this question while poring over photos on cereal boxes, pictures in photo albums, color book illustrations, and when she notices Christopher or me--often unwittingly--making some sort of face she deems unusual. (An aside: it's surprisingly difficult, sometimes, to describe certain facial expressions: "Um....a concentrating face, honey; he's concentrating." Or: "I think she's making a sort of....surprised but happy face?")

The other day, though, Julia really stumped me. Sitting barefoot next to me on the couch, she lifted up her foot, pointed her big toe, and asked, "What kind of face is my toe making?"


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