Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Half-Birthday to Genevieve!

Genevieve Rose turned six months old yesterday! To show off her new maturity, she stayed with the baby teachers in "sibling care" at Julia's toddler class for the entire 90-minute class period, rather than demanding that her caregivers call me out of class to rescue her from them, or to nurse her, as she has done every other week so far. She even went four hours between feedings, which made the whole independent streak all the more astounding. What? Stay with strangers, and also forget about eating for several hours at a time? Whose baby is this?

We don't go in for Genevieve's six-month check-up until next week, so I can't give you any stats yet. (Other than: huge. huge. and huge.) You'll have to wait on that. But I will give you this snapshot of Genevieve's life right now:

This morning she rolled over by herself for the first time! Julia was the one who noticed her starting to turn, and alerted me. It only happened once, so we'll see if she gives a repeat performance later today. She's been working on acquiring that skill for a loooooong time.

She can sit up on her own for a few moments at a time, and for quite awhile propped against a pillow or Boppy. She has one bottom tooth and another on the way. She's on rice cereal and has also had some sweet potatoes, but her tummy is ultra-sensitive, and we have had to be extremely gradual with the introduction to solid foods. Today I tried to give her peas, and she made a terrible face, spit them out, and then started to cry, as if to say, "Why would you do such a thing to me?" I told her that peas are one of Julia's favorite foods and we eat them a lot around here, so she'd better get on board.

She loves to sit in her highchair and play with (read: suck on, and then throw to the floor) toys, party in her Exersaucer, practice her jumps in the Jumpster, grab my hair, give cuddly, slobbery hugs, and laugh at the cat. Her chubby legs are the epitome of cute. Her eyes are still dark blue, her nose still a smaller version of Julia's, and she's finally getting a little more hair--light blonde and fuzzy.

When not teething, suffering from reflux, or generally rebelling, Genevieve is good about putting herself to sleep at naptime or night if nursing doesn't knock her out, but she still wakes every three to four hours on the dot and figures she might as well eat, as long as she's up. So far I'm humoring her because she's so adorable, but listen up, cutie--those days are numbered.

Mainly, she's a roly-poly ball of cuddles, and has the sweetest grin around, and, you know, we all just love her to pieces. Even Julia hasn't yet gotten tired of having her around, although "Mama, Genevieve SUCKED on it!" is heard more and more often these days.

I just can't believe my late-summer newborn is six months old. It's going to break my heart when there are no more babies in this house, you know that, right? I'll be better rested, though.


Donna said...

Happy Birthday, Genna.
And Shan: that's the sweetest post yet.

Shan said...

Oh, thank you hon! Can YOU believe our babies are six months old?! (Let alone that our "big kids" are almost 3 and almost 4?!)

Grandpa Jim said...

What a great 6 month report on my middle grand daughter! Happy half birthday Genevieve!

Anonymous said...

And to our seventh grandchild, Happy Half-Birthday, Sweetie! Love from Nonna & Boppa