Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hello, Goodbye

So, we DID get a major snowstorm here in southern Minnesota. In our town, it didn't really get going until Saturday--though it was predicted to begin Friday night--but by mid-day yesterday the ice, snow, and sleet were flying and the wind was blasting our windows. Today we have impressive wind-sculpted drifts outside our back door and easily a foot of new snow on the ground (some places got 22 inches or more). Hello, winter! Everyone's snowed in, and we've spent all weekend doing snow-day things like baking cookies and reading books, laundering all the stuffed animals and watching rented DVDs from the library (Sesame Street for Julia, "Love Actually" for us--very sweet! unexpectedly sweet! had no idea it was such a cute movie!).

And then there are the sleep habits of the girls. Have I mentioned that I think Julia is giving up her afternoon nap? Lately the only nights she falls asleep at any time even remotely close to the time at which we put her to bed are the days she hasn't napped, and today marks the second day in a row--a first!--that she's refused her afternoon nap and instead spent the hour singing, talking, and calling from her bed. This girl has never needed as much sleep as most babies I know--remember, starting at ten weeks old she went nap-less on numerous hair-pulling, mind-losing (on my part, that is) occasions--and I've always known, deep in my mama heart, that she'll say adios to the daily nap, cheerily skipping on to the next interesting thing, long before most of her peers and certainly long before I would prefer. But I think that's just the way she is, and I think it's beginning now, at almost-33-months.

But. Genevieve? She slept through last night! Unexpectedly! I mean, it was her own idea--I had nothing to do with it. Oh, understand, she still nursed at 10:30 p.m. after her 6:15 bedtime. Pigleted right onto the breast like she hadn't eaten in days, sweet thing. But then, rather than waking up to demand another meal at two or three, she slept until six a.m. and then got up for the day. In my book, that's sleeping through, so zip it, Dr. Ferber.

Now, why did I even mention that? You all just know that now she'll knock on the door of the 24-hour buffet all night tonight, right?


Donna said...

Congrats again! (I really should read your posts in chronological order when I'm catching up on your blog). For several months, we've been wrestling with the exact same thing with my son - about naps. When he doesn't nap, he goes to sleep so well at night and when he does nap, he chatters endlessly at bedtime. And as far as the baby goes with sleeping. YES, she slept through the night. Awesome for you and for her!!!!!!!!!!!

Shan said...

Yeah, except....then last night she didn't. Sigh!