Tuesday, February 27, 2007

If Genevieve Could Talk

This is what Genevieve would say this morning, if she could talk:

I hate the guest room, and if you insist on making me sleep there all by myself every night, when I wake up only two hours after bedtime and you refuse to nurse me because you say I just ate two hours ago, instead of going back to sleep I will commence crying, and I will work myself up to such a state that I am screaming bloody murder and my sleeper becomes damp with sweat even though the room is only 65 degrees, and despite all non-nursing attempts to comfort me every few minutes in the perfect Ferber fashion, I will continue screaming hysterically for TWO AND A HALF HOURS (Dr. Ferber: SUCK IT.), until you give in and nurse me anyway, leaving you a demoralized, exhausted mess. Then I will do that creepy post-crying hiccup thing that I do in my sleep for the rest of the night, just to keep you awake and remind you of how mean you were to me.

Oh, and as for daytime naps? It is far too interesting to look around an unfamiliar room than it is to sleep, so I will refuse to nap longer than half an hour at any given time. So there.


Donna said...

Boy, I hate to hear what Genevieve will say when she's a teenager!

Shannon, you poor thing. I feel so bad for you. My daughter is still getting used to her new room. I used to make it pitch dark in there but now use a night light because I think having a little bit of ambient light seems to help her. She doesn't wake and immediately start screaming anymore.

Sand Person said...

The ultimate guide to Genevieve's sleep is here! http://www.babycenter.com/general/3581.html

Heidi said...

A small nightlight, like Donna said, and some very soft music on a CD player. That's what works best for Gabe. Of course, he's been in his own room since 1 month old when we got fed up w/ not getting decent sleep.

Shan said...

Both girls have always had nightlights, but with Genevieve, we actually just switched out hers for a less bright one. It seems like for her it is worse to be able to see so much of the room--she can see she's in a different place and can look at all the new things there. Luckly, last night--her 3rd in the new room--was much smoother. She still nursed, but no screaming or hours of not sleeping. I think 2 nights ago she was scared of the new room surroundings. And as for all other issues, in my heart I know it's all about the boob. Genevieve needs to learn to go back to sleep at night without nursing, bottom line. I am just dreading it because I know the only way to do it is to make her cry it out.