Friday, March 30, 2007


The other day, since we were all sick and stuck indoors, I put in a DVD of home movies of Julia from birth to her first birthday. Not surprisingly, Julia finds these movies fascinating and hilarious, so it was good for a half hour of entertainment during the cranky late afternoon. What was so funny, though, was how, at each scene, Julia kept pointing at the screen and saying, "What's Genevieve doing?!" I told her it wasn't Genevieve, it was HER, when she was a tiny baby, but it didn't stick for quite awhile; she kept laughing at how funny "Genevieve" was on the screen.

Another funny thing was that Julia kept asking things like, "Was I a girl when I was a tiny baby?" and "Was I a girl in that picture?" and "Mama, were you a girl when you were a baby?" She didn't seem convinced when I told her that if you're born a girl, you stay a girl your whole life, and same for boys. (I figured it was too early to explain about transsexualism! Save something for a later discussion!)


Cathy said...

Anya went through that last year and I too explained that when you're born a girl, you stay a girl - keep it simple I thought. But last summer one of her regular babysitters was a young man who had once been a female camper of mine, and I slipped a few times when it came to gender references. So now Anya has her doubts.

Mom (Big Mr. Rogers Fan!) said...

What you need is a tape of Mr. Rogers singing, "Everybody's Fancy, Everybody's Fine"! ("Girls are girls from the beginning, boys are boys right from the start..." and all that! Oh for the good old days!

Donna said...

I was putting together a collage of the kids - one picture for each month of their first year. My son saw the one I was doing for him and he pointed to some of the pictures and said it was his sister. Interesting thing was that he only pointed to some of the pictures - where their resemblance is greater. The other pictures, he said, were of him.