Friday, March 16, 2007

The End of Another Beginning

People, it is a sad day around here. How can it be sad, you ask, when Genevieve spontaneously slept ALL the way through the night, on her own, last night? (She did, too! 6:30 p.m. to 7:20 a.m.! She even skipped her still-allowed late-evening feeding. How crazy is that? And yes, I did have to get up and pump in the wee dawn hours--sigh.)

Oh, so I was saying--how can it be a sad day? Well, I'll tell you. I've spent half the day organizing a ton of baby gear that we are bringing to some dear friends tomorrow, friends who are expecting their first baby very soon. And, as you can probably imagine if you know me at all, this has been a bit, um, emotional.

People!--Moving Genevieve out of the infant carseat?! No more carrying babies around, snapping them in and out of cars and strollers? That is a true sign of the end of the newborn era. Giving away the infant swing, the bouncey seat, the extra receiving blankets and sleep-sacks and tiny booties and hats? And this, the day after Christopher's assistant at work, a sweet, warm, middle-aged mother of five grown children, expressed overt surprise that we aren't planning on more children? (I believe her exact words were, "Really??? You're done?" If that isn't enough to make your internal voice say hesitantly, "Ummmmm......," I don't know what is.)

Let's just say I've spent the OTHER half of the day having a panic attack about the possibility of eventually becoming one of those women for whom having one last baby is imperative, and then having NOTHING LEFT FOR THE BABY. And being too poor to buy it all over again.

Christopher has spent half of HIS day promising me that, should that come to pass, we will call in a bunch of favors from a whole lot of fellow-parent friends. Do you promise, people? Will someone save something for me, just in case? Please?


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that however nice it is to share, I wouldn't be so quick to give all the gear away if I wasn't absolutely sure we were done! Good luck!!

Shan said...

I was sure. Then, in typical that's-life fashion, I started giving everything away (the donation truck visits our neighorhood EVERY SINGLE MONTH, people, and we don't have a basement in our house to casually store boxes and boxes of baby stuff), and became less sure. Again, I ask: How is anyone ever truly sure?

Shan said...

P.S. Of course, in my more sane moments (and some of the reasons we decided no more babies in the first place), I remember that I don't REALLY want to ever again go through hourly nighttime nursing, colic, sleep training, labor and delivery (not to mention recovery from labor and delivery--OUCH), or pregnancy-related varicose veins. Right?