Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Feed Me

Remember when I said that, now that I am no longer the sole source of nutrition for baby Genevieve, I don't have to eat my weight in food each day to avoid chronic, intensive hunger attacks? Apparently that does not apply to days on which I, in addition to nursing (in both respects) a sick baby and caring for a bossy toddler all day, mop the floors, dust the entire house, and do a 50-minute strength-training workout. (Don't be too impressed. It was done in 10-minute increments between being spit up on and bossed at.)

Here's what my diet looked like today: Get up at 5:30 a.m. because sick baby wakes up from massive coughing fit. Nurse baby. A bit later, eat a bowl of super-health-food granola as fast as possible due to extreme hunger from going running last night (in training for that 5K). While baby naps at 7:30 a.m. and toddler watches Sesame Street DVD, sweep and mop all floors and then almost pass out. Frantically eat small bowl of homemade trail mix with raisins, walnuts, and Kashi GoLean cereal. A half hour later, frantically eat a (yucky) Nutri-Grain cereal bar. At lunch, eat a PB&J on whole-wheat and some green beans and apple slices with the toddler. When toddler naps, fortify self with an iced decaf soy latte and two homemade brownies. Wish I could justify a third brownie. Decide to do that later. During the afternoon, work out and clean the house some more. Nurse, play as needed. Eat graham crackers with toddler at snacktime. Eat pathetic dinner of chicken soup, brown rice, and broccoli with toddler after feeding baby. During babies' baths (not my job), eat third brownie and small (for me) bowl of light cookies & cream ice cream. Wish there was more. Nurse baby. Take shower. Sit here typing and listening to my stomach growl, feeling sad that it is grocery-shopping time and there is nothing good left in the kitchen to snack on. Feel very, very hungry. Know that a white-cheddar rice cake, a string cheese, or an orange WILL NOT CUT IT.

Wish that Dairy Queen delivered.


Heidi said...

Actually, the chicken soup-brown rice-brocolli dinner doesn't sound pathetic to me at all.... esp. if you were to mix them all together and have chicken-rice-brocolli soup!

Personally, I think you're burning far too many calories on working out and housecleaning!! (ha ha!)

Shan said...

Yeah, the dinner was only pathetic because it was soup from a can and leftover brown rice. Just didn't float my boat. Even though it wasn't bad, just un-exciting. By the way, I think you're right--at least about the housecleaning part!!!

Donna said...

Your meals don't sound pathetic at all... just take a look in my fridge.

Yes, definitely take advantage of your higher caloric needs. I had lunch with a friend yesterday and as we walked to our cars, we passed Dairy Queen. We both got cones because she's pregnant and I'm nursing so we figured now's the time to indulge!

Shan said...

Yeah, if not now, when?! It won't last forever, right?!