Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Need a Mental Health Day

Is it possible that it's still only Tuesday? For real? Because Genevieve spent all day--a day that began at 5:30 a.m., after a night of waking up and crying every few hours--crying, apparently because of teeth coming in (damn teeth! who needs 'em, anyway? and come on, TEETHING, just DAYS after finally, finally, finally accomplishing the night-weaning? is this the universe's idea of a cruel joke?), and right now, at 9 p.m., Julia's in the middle of a strange and unprecedented bedtime meltdown that began 90 minutes ago with some kind of weird and unnamed fear, manifested by her sitting up in her bed, peering oddly at a shadow on her wall, then at her door, then at a giant doll in her toy stroller, and begging me to leave her door open, but which then morphed into a mysterious weep-fest about not wanting to go to sleep, and which is at this moment as yet unresolved. I have a stomachache from all the crying in the past 24+ hours. People! It's only Tuesday? Seriously?


Jim said...

Know what? Days like that will pass and soon things will again be just so beautiful and perfect!

Anonymous said...

It is so ReVamp time! I think a trip to the spa is in order. Wish I was there. love, V

Shan said...

In response to the comments above: Yep, you're both right! (And V., I wish you were here, too! Miss you a ton!)