Monday, March 19, 2007


Genevieve night-weaned herself. She did! She still wakes up at some point in the night, but with a little comfort she goes back to sleep. No nursing. Not even the 10 p.m. nursing. So far I'm not getting a full night's sleep because of the above-mentioned awakening, as well as the middle of the night pumping (too engorged to go 13 hours). Not to mention the 2 a.m. fears that the baby is not, indeed, miraculously sleeping through the night but is, in fact, dead. But I have faith that eight hours of actual sleep is on my personal horizon.

Have I mentioned that the idea of being done with sleep training, FOREVER, is one of the things that keeps my crazy brain in check when I start thinking I might one day regret having only two babies? NO MORE SLEEP TRAINING, PEOPLE. EVER! We have survived. Sure, more angst will come, sooner, later, whenever. But the sleep training? DONE.

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