Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow Day

So most of Minnesota is in the middle of a major snowstorm. It's really crazy. It's been snowing hard and blowing even harder since last night, and schools far and wide were closed today. That meant that our toddler class (run by the public school district) this morning was cancelled too, which was fine because I wouldn't have wanted to go out in this weather with the girls anyway, and it allowed Christopher to take the car to work today. (Obviously, biking would have been impossible by any stretch of the imagination.) Still, he came home early, since everyone was leaving the office as fast as possible to make it home safely.

The major interstate highway running through southern Minnesota to Iowa was officially closed this afternoon, and all state highways in the southwestern counties of the state are closed as well. This evening, crazy notices keep coming across the TV screen, like "Duluth fire chief orders all residents to stay home" and "Southdale Center [huge mall in the Minneapolis suburbs] closed." (Southdale! Closed! Have you ever heard of such a thing?!) All area schools are already closed for tomorrow, including many college and university campuses.

It's been a long time--since I was a child, I'm sure--since I've experienced a true blizzard like this one, the kind that disables everything and forces everyone to huddle inside baking brownies while the windows become caked with snow so you can't even see outside anymore and the light coming in takes on a weird white glow. It's totally fun, even if it doesn't mean a reprieve from all normal obligations, like it did when I was a kid. I mean, there's nothing like a no-school snow day when you're a child, but now, it's not as if the TV announcements say anything like, "All parenting duties cancelled" and then I get to lie around in my pj's all day drinking cocoa and watching DVDs and waiting to hear about the next day.

As for what's going on inside our house, well, the sleep struggles remain in one form or another, with one child or another, or both. Some things are changing, some are staying the same, and I'll write more later. Right now, homemade brownies are calling and both babies are asleep. OK, I don't get a snow day, but there are advantages to being the grown-up in the house.


Heidi said...

Yeah, I TOTALLY hear you about no reprieve from parenting duties. In fact, in *my* case, they hit in fuller force today than ever because Greg had to go to work, Logan and Gabe were both home due to school being called off and bad travel conditions (I would have had Gabe home anyway due to a low-grade temperature and nasty cold), and the two of them were at each other all morning, and both ornery in their own ways. It was definitely NOT a vacation day. :< Made me very grumpy, and once Greg was home and supper was over, I beat it out the door and went to work at the church for 2-1/2 hrs., coming home *after* the boys were tucked soundly away in their beds.

Heidi (also in MN, for those who don't know) said...

Oh yeah....and tomorrow, more than likely, I get to do it all over again!!! (Except that *maybe* Greg won't have to go to work, and, if he does, it'll probably be a half-day, so that will help.)

Donna said...

Yeah, I don't miss that. But to be fair. I also never really experienced a true snowday, did I?

I do miss the snow every once in awhile. And will experience it again - while on vacation or on business. But in the meantime, I enjoy seeing pics and hearing stories from others.