Monday, March 26, 2007

Tea for Two

Yesterday afternoon I took Julia up to St. Paul with me for afternoon tea at a favorite cafe with our dear friend Tricia, Tricia's sister Tami, and Tami's two girls, Sydnee and Tehya, to belatedly celebrate Tricia's birthday. The whole family had been invited, but I made the strategic decision to leave Genevieve home with Daddy (and a bottle of pumped breast milk) so that Julia could have some one-on-one mama time. (As she put it delightedly, "No Daddy, no Genevieve!") All weekend, Julia talked excitedly about our tea party. She was intrigued by the idea of meeting Tami's daughters, whom she knew were "big girls" (they're in 6th and 1st grades--glamorous, fascinating creatures to a toddler girl), and believe me, they did not disappoint. Sydnee is tall and sweet and reminded us of Julia's oldest girl cousin. Tehya sat next to Julia, shared her raspberries with her, and, after tea was over and we walked across the hall to check out a little shop of gifts and toys, Julia happily took Tehya's hand and let Tehya lead her around the store to check out fuzzy stuffed animals and sparkly purses.

Tea itself was scrumptious, chatting with women friends was wonderful, and Julia was a joy to be with through and through. It was clear that she was thrilled with the whole girly adventure: Julia and Mama getting dressed up, driving all the way up to the city, parking in a big deck and walking along a bustling sidewalk to the cafe to eat fancy sweets and cucumber sandwiches. It was good for her to get some individual attention from Mama without baby sis around.

Speaking of mothers, my parents drove down for a quick visit over the weekend and, true to form, my mom came bearing, in addition to the usual little gifts for the girls, a carful of random items she knew we could use, including diapers, baby wipes, strawberries, veggies, frozen ground turkey, homemade cookies, Kleenex, and toilet paper. Diapers and toilet paper--that must be the adult version of an away-at-college care package, right? Anyway, it makes me chuckle. I'm 36, and with every visit, my mom never fails to bring along a few bags or boxes of toiletries, grocery items, treats, etc., just to be, well....motherly. Is that what it means to be a mother? You still bring your child groceries and diapers when she's 36 years old, just to be nice? Will I be bringing Julia and Genevieve cars full of food and paper products when they're fully grown adults? I hope so, and, you know, it's a pretty good bet. Thanks, Mom! (For the care package AND for the example!)

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Anonymous said...

Julia looks like such a big girl!! I can't wait to see you girls this summer. She looks like she's ready to pick up her book bag and head off to Pre-K. I can't believe how big she's getting. I really miss little Jujee!