Monday, March 12, 2007

You've Got to See This

Anyone who reads this blog but not Christopher's, and who might care to see two amazing, precisely-one-year-apart photos of Julia standing at the exact same spot in our neighborhood, go ahead and click here. Oh my goodness. Do you see where her head is in relation to those rocks in each picture? Do you see the baby face last year, the baby face that she no longer has? Do you see those tiny, stubby snow boots in March 2006, and those short little snow-pant-garbed legs? Oh my, my, my goodness.

(An aside: can you believe that she just happened to stand in front of THE EXACT SAME ROCKS--in an embankment several yards long-- she posed in front of one year ago? And within two days of the same date in 2006? Um....a little uncanny, wouldn't you say?)

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