Sunday, April 15, 2007

Eight Months Old Today

Love this eight-month-old baby. She's got a new tooth coming in up top, making all sorts of trouble, and she's on the verge of on the move, so watch out, world. (Rather: Watch out, Mama: I'm coming for all that stuff you have down low and unsecured.) I love eight months. She's a quiet one compared to her big sis at this age; you just know it's because she can't get a word in edgewise with almost-three showing off her vocabulary all day long. But it just makes her all the sweeter, with her mellow I'll-just-wait attitude. Oh, except when she's in the highchair and her food isn't arriving quickly enough? Yeah, then? She's not mellow, or silent, or waiting patiently. I have to shovel spoonfuls of baby-food into her mouth so fast my hands shake, just to calm the other-worldly mad-baby screeches. Some days I'm tempted to throw a burrito or a Subway sandwich or a bowl of Campbell's Chunky in her direction.

And yet. She's got such a lock on sweet, sweet, sweet. Look at her! Don't you just want to kiss her? I'm gonna. Right now.

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Elise said...

I want to SQUEEEEEZE her, she's so cute and chubby. Hope I get the chance to, soon.