Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's All Becoming Clear to Me Now

My longtime friend and fellow mom--and also career woman extraordinaire--Sheela once told me, in a "gotta hand it to you" kind of way, that if SHE were a full-time stay-at-home mom, she would surely be "fat and depressed." (Trust me: her bottom-line message was a super-nice one of, basically, "I could never do your job; it's way too hard; I'd rather be at the office where I can rest.")

I don't know about the depressed part (although it IS true that I am starting to get kind of depressed thinking about a.) the fact that my almost-three-year-old has NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in potty-training and, in fact, seems to consider the idea a personal affront, and b.) the thought of actually going through the process of potty-training itself). But as for fat? I doubt it, because my father-in-law somehow found some crazy website (so sorry I do not have the link; I know, egregious!) that purports to tell you how many calories you burn during various activities. I guess caring full-time for two small children equaled something like 1,900 calories a day. (And I'm assuming that was WITHOUT nursing.) OK, so who knows how "scientific" this silly calculator is, but I laughed pretty hard, and then kind of went, "Aha!"

When I consider my last full-time job, where I sat at my desk pretty much all day every day, getting up only to walk to the ladies' room, get a drink of water, or run to a meeting, it's clear that I am WAY more active as an at-home mom than I ever was before. The only time I'm sitting down during the day is during naptime (sometimes), meals (briefly, and in between jumping up to get more of whatever a million times for a couple of demanding kiddos), nursing (for about ten minutes at a time), and reading stories. Other than that my days are generally a blur of hauling a 20-pound weight (named Genevieve) up and down off the floor and all over the house, including up and down the stairs, running around doing chores while simultaneously playing with the girls, running or dancing with Julia, going for walks with the stroller, and moving from room to room trying to keep both girls entertained. I just had never really thought of my current vocation as being that much different, physically, from my old one, until now.

It is, of course, a good thing that I have come to this realization just in time for some chocolate bunnies.

We'll be gone the next four days; Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it. Eat some chocolate in my metabolism's honor. Or better yet, your own.

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