Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mamas on the Run

This morning I ran in the Get in Gear 5K run in Minneapolis with my friend Rachel. It was a great, fun day for both our families--a huge, busy event in gorgeous weather along a beautifully scenic route near our old neighborhood. Everyone did great, despite:

Both the girls being up till all hours last night, and thus being VERY tired when we left the house early this morning to drive up for the race;

Despite the above exhaustion, Genevieve refusing to nap in the car, thus missing her morning nap completely;

Getting stuck in an ENORMOUS traffic jam (created by race congestion) a mile or two from the race, causing us to run extremely late and have to call Rachel's house from our OnStar phone service, and make a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants impromptu back-up plan at the very last minute;

Julia inexplicably THROWING UP IN THE CAR in the middle of the above traffic jam (she ended up fine the rest of the day, but you can just imagine, can't you?);

Having to get out of the car at a stoplight to RUN to a designated meeting point in time to meet Rachel for the race start time, leaving the car and the parking and the girls and the throw-up-shirt and everything else to Christopher to figure out on his own;

Being unable to nurse Genevieve before the race as planned (and as needed)--oh well!;

Oh, and how could I forget?: having to go to the bathroom REALLY, REALLY badly during the entire traffic jam (having expected to be at Rachel's house long before, in plenty of time to pee, nurse, and walk leisurely to the race location with time to spare). Yep, that was nice.

So, you know, the wind-up to my first 5K since having babies was really awful--truly inauspicious. But once I made it to Minnehaha Park, everything fell into place and Rachel and I had a very fun time. We're already planning to do a second one in September--down here this time. And next year? If we do this gigantic race again? I'm going to leave much, much earlier to drive up. (Note to self: BIG, BIG TRAFFIC JAM TO BE EXPECTED. LIMIT YOUR LIQUIDS BEFOREHAND.)

Oh, and the babies? They didn't nap all day long and they're now exhausted, but Julia summed it up quite well a little while ago: "Even though I throwed up in the car, Mama, we still had a lot of fun!"


Heidi said...

I don't think the throw-up episode is inexplicable at *all*. Stop-and-go traffic does that to kids (and sometimes adults) pretty often. Glad everything turned out well.

Shan said...

Yeah, we kind of figured out that it must have been carsickness. She had eaten her breakfast in the car on the way up, too, because we had to leave so early. Thankfully it wasn't the stomach flu!