Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Moral of the Story

Today Christopher had to work both early and late, filling in for his vacationing boss and picking up a bigwig potential college donor at the airport (an hour away) and taking him to dinner tonight. Christopher was gone from 7:45 a.m. to 9 p.m., and what I learned from today was this:

You could not PAY me to be a single parent. If I were one, I would clearly be crabby ALL THE TIME. Seriously, the idea is horrifying. Oh, and if I were a single parent? It appears that I would never get to eat dinner. Because if there is only one adult in the house trying to keep up with the ravenous toddler and the voracious (and screaming) baby, there is no time for that adult to actually feed herself.


Donna said...

I hear you, Shan. The single parent thing is rough, esp. with two kids!

But I've got some (reluctant) newfound perspective on the matter. Hubby recently lost a friend whose wife is pregnant with #2 (#1 is 18 months old). The week after his friend died, Hubby was out a lot. That sucked. And by the third night in a row, I felt bad about complaining about it - selfish for complaining he wasn't home so he could go to a funeral.

Hang in there. And get a good night sleep. You deserve it!

Shan said...

Yeah, I hear you. I truly cannot imagine going on if I were the one who lost my partner in parenting! And yet, you have to. We are lucky that when we're on our own, it's time limited. (However, I'm still dreading the two multi-day business trips C. is going on in the next six months.)

Jordan said...

I think parenting alone has to be one of the toughest jobs on earth. I have gotten a *little* perspective, though, when Matt's been on business trips - once you get used to it you create a whole new set of routines that work most of the time. Now I don't really stress about it anymore when he leaves because I just move into Plan B and we do fine. And I've learned from my single mom friends that some of the things we have the luxury of doing (such as reading lots of books to our kids) just don't really happen as much. So I'm sure people adjust but boy is it hard!