Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Post Postscript

It occurred to me today that my line yesterday that you couldn't pay me to be a single parent sounded pretty offensive on its face; sorry--I fully realize that many (most?) single parents are such not by choice but by (sometimes tragic) circumstance. In my mind, what I was envisioning was the single woman who makes the informed choice to have a child without a parenting partner, such as through adoption or sperm donation. It became clear to me yesterday, during my 13 hours alone with the girls, that I certainly am a lesser woman than those who do such things! No way could I ever hack it.

Apologies for my lack of sensitivity! Carry on.

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Donna said...

I know you (as I am) are grateful for a loving husband and fantastic father to your kids.

It's easy to complain about being left alone with the kids - and better to complain about it than let it get the best of you. Those of us who know you know you didn't mean it to be offensive, although we all know there are those who may take it that way.