Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ridiculous to the Point of Absurdity: More Ramblings About My Wardrobe

So yes, I'm still obsessed with the topic of my clothes. Shortly after I wrote about my wardrobe challenges, it became necessary for me finally shop for some things I sorely needed. Not pretty, stylish togs like I was pining for in my post, just more of the same basics I live in day to day. As I said before, at present, I can't afford to buy anything I don't need on a regular basis, and right now, what I really can't go without are things like jeans that fit, running/workout bras, shorts, tights, etc., short-sleeved t-shirts for the warm weather that I'm sure will come eventually, and a pair of casual, summer, running-around shoes to wear with very casual clothes but that aren't sandals (too much sand and/or gravel in your shoes at the playground, don'tcha know).

You might be wondering why I needed to buy MORE jeans and t-shirts, if I've already expressed my dismay at the fact that my wardrobe seems to be comprised of nothing but. Well, it seems that in my world, clothes like this are disposable. My t-shirts end up ratty and hideous within a season, owing to the fact that I wear them every day, often not just as day clothes but also as pj tops and/or workout shirts, and, well, a shirt would have to be made out of Teflon to survive all the spit-up, breast milk, baby food, sweat, sidewalk chalk, sunscreen, Crayola markers, dirt, sand, etc., that my poor clothes are exposed to on a regular basis. Plus, because I know they will be subjected to all this, I buy the cheapest tees imaginable, figuring they'll just get wrecked. I am constantly replacing my t-shirt collection.

But clothes for the bottom half? Oy vey, people. First of all, I can't keep up with my crazy postpartum-two-times-over body. It seems to change shape and size on a monthly basis. I don't know when or where it's going to stop and settle at something resembling a stable normal size. In the meantime though, I've got to clothe myself. Over Easter weekend, I very reluctantly hit the mall in my hometown, in a quest to finally finally finally find another pair of jeans. I was down to one pair that fit me, and that pair is fading fast (literally). I had limited (between nursings) time, so I hit four stores. I tried on something like 25 pairs of jeans in a multitude of cuts, rises, lengths, and washes, and desperately settled on two pair at the very last minute even though neither was "perfect." Since then, I've already decided that one pair has to go back for sure--whenever I can get to the nearest mall two towns up the freeway to return them, which probably won't be for awhile--and I'm having serious doubts about the second. I'm between sizes, AND between lengths (petite is often too short, with shoes, and regular is usually too long), and what at the time seemed adequate (when I was starving, headachey, and all too aware that nursing time was imminent) now seems...ill-fitting.

So, I'm frustrated with the clothing industry, which apparently does not make pants to fit my split-personality post-baby body. (Do I go with "size eight which fits at the moment but by noon on a typical day will stretch to overly-baggy?" or "size six that is really tight but won't be falling off my waist after the fabric stretches out as I run all over the park with my kids"? Which form of not-fitting is the least annoying? Because I really need to wear SOMETHING!)

But here's something really silly. Before Easter, I ordered a much-needed casual summer skirt--khaki, twill, knee-length--from an online site. Actually, I ordered it in two different sizes--my historically usual size and one size smaller, just in case, because the site didn't have a size chart. I figured I'd ship back the one that didn't fit. They arrived on Tuesday, and turns out they are absolutely gigantic--even the smaller one, a size I truly don't usually wear, or at least, never have before now, is way too big. This is so ridiculous, so clearly an example of the clothing industry labelling ever larger clothes with smaller size numbers, to make American consumers "feel better" about themselves ("I wear a size eight! I'm thin!"). Do they really think we're that stupid? I know my measurements, and people, I really don't take a size four. I just don't. But, according to this skirt-maker, I guess maybe I do.

SIGH. So, after hours of shopping and online browsing and eventually purchasing two skirts and two pairs of jeans? I AM PRETTY MUCH STILL JEANS-LESS. AND SKIRT-LESS.

Please someone tell me I'm not the only one to whom this happens. I'm beginning to think I must have the oddest body in the universe.


Donna said...

I just did some online shopping myself. For nursing tank tops. I found something I thought I'd like and bought it in several colors. When it arrived, turns out that there were two different styles listed together (hence the vast array of colors from which to choose). And of course, only one of the two styles worked for my body... So, some are going back and the others will be worn with great frequency until baby is weaned.

And as for the changing of clothing sizes. I agree (in fact, I think I might have commented on that when you originally posted...)

Oh, and I like $5 shipping for all orders. And you can return stuff to the store, instead of mailing it back

Good luck!

Shan said...

I am so frustrated! Thanks for the tip. I have liked their stuff in the past (bought ALL my maternity clothes there!). I didn't realize the shipping charge was so reasonable. I AM glad I'm not the only postpartum woman going through the insane body-morphing process. You'd think by now--8 mos. after the fact--things would stop changing. But no. (Maybe it's the running I'm doing too? Although it's not very much!) Anyway....I bought a nursing tank top (from the online site Glamour Mom, I think it was) last summer, and liked it a lot immediately postpartum, but now it is WAY too big. :( I love the idea, though...