Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Do you ever feel like Superwoman? Ever? For me, it's rare--believe me--but today I kinda did.

I took both girls to the grocery store after Genevieve's morning nap, and I did Major Big Deal Grocery Shopping, not just pick-up-a-few-necessities-like-Diet-Coke-and-the-latest-issue-of-People-magazine shopping. Oh, and it was at the giant bag-your-own-groceries grocery store, not my favorite, but more expensive, little friendly grocery store downtown, where the cashiers talk to my babies and someone bags my stuff for me and asks if I can get out to the car OK with all the food and the girls too. But for some reason I was feeling especially capable--and you just know that feeling that way is often the beginning of a story that you recount later on, ending with some crazy baby-related debacle, right? Like, "...and then I had to drive home with the baby screaming bloody murder and peanut butter in my hair and put both girls straight in the bath while the ice cream melted all over the kitchen floor and the frozen salmon accidentally thawed out in the trunk of the car."

But no! I did $125 worth of grocery shopping, taking over an hour, and the girls sat side by side in the grocery cart with the plastic driving seat affixed to it, like a car, up by the parent side, where they could sit strapped in and pretend to turn the toy steering wheel and look around at everything, and can I just say? Anything cuter in the world? No. No. Absolutely not. Can you imagine little Genevieve strapped in to the kiddie-car grocery cart with her own little steering wheel? Next to her big sister? Bobbling her little head around and turning every now and then to suck on Julia's shoulder? Oh, so cute. Three different shoppers actually stopped me to tell me how adorable my girls were. One nice little grandma teared up and told me how lucky I am. Indeed.

Neither Julia nor Genevieve whined, fussed, cried, or complained, the entire time, not even when it was past Genna's nursing time and she'd been sitting in the cart for an hour. Julia's worst version of a "Can I have it?" conversation went something like this:

Julia: Mama! Chocolate milk!
Me: Uh-huh.
Julia: I yike chocolate milk!
Me: You've never had chocolate milk.
Julia: Yet's buy some!
Me: Too much sugar. Maybe as a special treat some day, but we don't need that today.
Julia: Mama! Yet's buy some mustard!
Me: OK.

So, you know, thank my lucky stars.

At the end, in spite of the self-bagging marathon, we were victorious. And I did it all on decaf!

We even bought all the ingredients for Strawberry Mice. Which we are going to make as a Special Activity later today, after nap, to have with dinner.

Because everyone wants to feel like a Supermom sometimes.


Christopher said...

The strawberry mice were adorable and delicious!

Question said...

The hell with Superwoman. SAH moms are Mother Theresa reincarnated in my book.

greatexpectations said...

Yesterday morning I took my twins into one of their doctor appointments by myself, without a stroller and there wasn't one close parking space. So, we walked ... very ... very ... very slowly. Sometimes we stopped. Sometimes I carried both. I held them once inside as we waited for the very slow, very mediocre front desk person to give us a smirk. I then carried them both all the way to the very back, and very possible last room in the office ... then all the way back out to the waiting room, then back out to the car. To reward myself, we took a lovely walk -- by stroller, at a nearby park. My guns are hurting today. Hear me roar!

Heidi--also a Supermom Wanna-Be said...

I read a funny story today about a man crossing paths with a mom in a grocery store. Every few minutes he heard the 3 yr old fussing, and the mom responding, "It's OK, Ellen; don't be upset; we're almost done," and the like, several times over. Finally, at the last, she said, "OK, Ellen, we're just going to check out and then you can go home and take a nice nap." The man commented to the mother about her wonderful patience with little Ellen. To which she replied, "MY name is Ellen; my daughter is Tammy!"

I thought that was a riot!

Jordan said...

Good for you! It's a good feeling when the baby is old enough that you can start to feel that you can take them both out to get things done and still enjoy yourselves. That's a real milestone.