Tuesday, April 10, 2007

That Sweet Second Baby of Ours

I know, I know: I haven't said much about Genevieve lately. Are you wondering what she's up to, now that she's just days away from eight months old? Well, aside from the three nights we were at my parents' for Easter, when she earned the moniker Genevieve "Midnight Muncher" Rose, she's become a fabulous twelve-hours-a-night sleeper. She's been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now, and people, it feels a little bit like heaven to know that the worst of the baby-sleep ordeal is over. I mean, I realize she'll wake up at night for various reasons many times throughout her childhood, bothered by teething or sicknesses or summer light or nightmares or a million other reasons, but it won't be to nurse every few hours, ever again, so hallelujah. Just as I predicted, this last of its kind is a happy one.

What else? She is of course able to turn over both ways by now, but for the most part she has taken a rather unenthusiastic attitude toward these maneuvers. The stomach-to-back roll has been witnessed only once, I believe. Nowadays, when on her tummy, she mainly pushes herself way up, kicks her legs, scrambles all four limbs against the floor frantically, occasionally pushes up on her hands and knees, and scoots backward across the floor (NOT the direction she would like, as you might guess). She has also perfected the pivot, where she turns herself all the way around on the floor on her stomach.

She's a good eater (on solids three times a day and nursing four times), a (usually) good napper, and for the most part a mellow soul. She's had two bottom teeth for a couple of months now, and when she flashes them in her trademark mischievous grin, she appears good-natured and sly, like someone who'd love to help you pull a prank. That smile of hers is crinkly and infectious, and she also boasts great hugging and snuggling skills, especially in the morning when she first wakes up and gets a bellyful of milk. Unfortunately this is also the time when she tends to spew great quantities of spit-up all over whomever is holding her, so you have to consider: do you dare chance a dousing in order to munch that sweet baby's neck and cheeks? Generally, the answer is "of course."

Lastly, she's starting to yell something that sounds like "Mama!", especially when she's hungry or upset, so clearly she's brilliant. But you knew that, right?

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Donna said...

Great update. I'm jealous she's sleeping through the night. Still no luck on my end, but we haven't done any sleep training yet.

According to my little one, mama = mum-mum!