Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Getting a Little Too Close to One

My baby is nine months old! People! Isn't that basically just an eye-blink away from one year? It is, and you know it. I'm not ready for the big O-N-E, people. Sure, it's exciting; it calls for portraits and a big-deal bash (not for the baby, really, but for the tired and slobby parents). And true, I'm really NOT ready to plan a first-birthday party or even THINK about a portrait appointment (hate them! hate them! end up cute but hate them!). But that's not what I mean. What I'm not ready for is a baby who is almost a year old, which means no longer an infant, which means no longer so, so many wonderful things. Like no longer a languid nurser. No longer a ball of grasping, snuggling chub. No longer a wearer of tiny pink-rosebud sleepers and onesies that say "sweet baby" on them. But oh yeah! Good things keep coming. Forgot about that for a minute. (Must be from dealing with all the sitting up in her bed. All the crawling away while I'm changing her diaper. All the throwing a fit when required to sit or lie still for a fraction of a second while I dress her or wash off her face or pretty much anything except allow her to crawl away bare-bottomed.)

Just got back from her nine-month well-baby (no shots! yay.), and here are the stats, grandparents: 28-1/2 inches long (82nd percentile--up from 75th percentile at six months), 18 pounds 13 ounces (50th percentile--down from 75th percentile at six months). Her head circumference is the 91st percentile, which is consistent with all the rest of the big fat heads in this family. But people, this height my girls have: from where? huh? I don't get it.

I haven't had a child at the 50th percentile for weight since Julia was, like, four months old, so I keep looking at her like, Sheesh, wouldja eat a six-inch sub or something? You gotta keep up, girl!


Shauna said...
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Jim said...

Shannon, ask Christopher if he remembers anything about his maternal grandmother's brother's daughters (and sons) of the Roell family who in large numbers approach 6 feet and have been known to play and coach a bit of basketball!

Shan said...

I will! Yikes. That's tall.

Christopher said...

My Gigi-on-the-move anecdote: this morning while changing a poopy diaper, she got upset at being temporarily restrained, forcefully rolled over, and crawled bare-bottomed away so fast that two little pellets of poop were actually ejected from the numerous folds of folds of bottom chub. They thankfully landed on the changing pad. I've never seen anything like that!

Nonna said...

That's *almost* too much information!

donna said...

*sigh* I know what you're feeling. I'm feeling it too.

Glad to hear Genna is doing well. Those are some amazing stats!

And ew to CJ's poop story.