Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother of Two

The bad news: NEITHER child napped this afternoon. (Can you believe it? Ridiculous!) The good news: since it was Mother's Day, I was not responsible for dealing (much) with them in the aftermath of their nap refusal.

No, really, I had a great Mother's Day, my first as a mother of two. It included sleeping late (after doing the 6 a.m. wake-up nursing, I got to go back to bed for two more hours while Christopher manned the parenting ship--and, people, that is gift enough!); two lovely cards; presents of a DVD of home movies, chocolates, and a book I'd had my eye on; homemade dinner made by someone other than myself (aaaaaahhhhhh......); and an hour to myself in the afternoon while Christopher took both girls on a walk.

Now, it could be said that I am in need of an intervention, because during my hour's break I did not take a nap or read my mile-high stack of waiting magazines (as I should have done), but instead found myself mending (with actual needle and thread) a tear in a size 3T flowered shirt and updating Genevieve's baby book. I did do those things with a Diet Coke at hand and in front of "What Not to Wear" on TLC, but still. Maybe not quite the ideal example of kicking back and relaxing. I apparently find it impossible to turn off my mama switch even when I have the chance to do so. Help! (Is this related to my current obsession with all things Retro Mom? Perhaps so.)

All in all, aside from the end-of-day, overtired-from-lack-of-naps meltdowns, it was a lovely Mother's Day weekend. In addition to the above-mentioned festivities, we went on a family hike/run in the Arboretum, played with a couple of great used toys I found for the girls on Saturday during an early-morning garage sale expedition--including a large bin of the giant-sized Legos for Julia, who was thrilled beyond belief--and, on Saturday evening after the girls were in bed, I self-celebrated Mother's Day early by painting my toenails a nice shade of pink and watching "Arrested Development" episodes on DVD.

Oh, and Genevieve crawled! She's a crawler now! So it was a big weekend all-around.

Meltdowns and nap refusals aside, I love being a mom. I really do.

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