Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some Days Are Like That

You know what happens when your baby takes a TWO-HOUR morning nap on the same day you drink full-on caffeinated iced coffee AND your toddler decides to be delightfully cooperative and cheery, pushing a broom around the entryway and playing by herself and not having any meltdowns at all? And it just happens to be two days before your toddler's first kid birthday party which happens to be the same day your mother-in-law and her best friend arrive for the weekend? Well, I'll tell you: happy, happy things, people.

You dust the downstairs; scrub down the kitchen counters and appliances; sweep, Swiff, and mop all the floors (I'm really not insane. We live on the edge of a farmfield, with the entire facing wall made up of windows, which are open at this time of year, and remember the wind? that wind I keep talking about? the wind that blows farmfield dirt into our house with the ferocity of a sandblaster? except it's not taking off grime, it's depositing it? yeah, maybe now you understand.); catch up with a friend on the phone; clean all three bathrooms; do a load of laundry; prepare, serve, and clean up after snack and lunch; take the girls on a walk (me pushing Genevieve in the stroller, Julia pushing her dolly in a doll stroller: cute!); make homemade hummus for the weekend; make brownies for the weekend (yeah, despite the fact that there will be birthday cupcakes and fruit cobbler. I'm crazy that way); make turkey meatloaf for tonight's dinner; and research options for three-year-old portraits for the birthday girl. All before 3 p.m.

Oh, and yes, I did, in fact, also do all the usual nursing, diapering, cuddling, and what-have-you of full-time mothering. Although I will admit to a small dose of "Sesame Street" sprinkled in there somewhere (isn't THAT really Mother's Little Helper?). And, true, it wasn't like I was doing a whole lot of quality play-on-the-floor-with-the-children today. As in, none, maybe? Because, come on, I've only got two hands! But still--isn't it such a great feeling, those days when you totally get your mom groove on? Your Retro Mom groove, maybe even? (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

Almost makes up for the fact that yesterday I GOT LOCKED OUT OF THE HOUSE WITH MY BABIES ALONE INSIDE. Oh yeah, and remember that one time when Genevieve was a newborn and I drove all the way home from playgroup with her carseat straps unbuckled? You see, it's a good thing you have these days like today, right? To balance out the days you get locked out of your house and drive the baby home loose?

Yep, just call me Supermom.


Jim said...

Hey Supermom, your thing about being locked out yesterday got me thinking about sending you to the hardware store and getting couple of keys made to hide in a secret place outside for occasions like yesterday. Your story got me going to the hardware store because I remembered that I hadn't gotten a new key made to replace the other I have in a secret place outside since cleaning boy changed the locks for all the penthouses here in the complex. Well now that I have my key hidden outside under the steps I'm safe. How about you?

Shan said...

Yep, gotta do that. But now the whole Internet knows about the plan. Not so secret, is it?