Friday, May 11, 2007

Weird Things, Cute Things, Treasure Hunts

  • There is a (we think) raccoon who keeps pooping on our patio, in one particular corner, overnight. Why do we think it's a raccoon? Well, the poop is definitely not dog poop. Not bird poop. And it's way too big to be squirrel, rabbit, or cat poop. And we apparently live on the edge of the wilderness. So a raccoon seems the most likely culprit. ANNOYING. And UNSANITARY.
  • There is also a giant toad who likes to come out in the evenings and sit directly outside our patio door, gazing in at me and FREAKING me out. Christopher likes to call him my "boyfriend." Nice. We live on the edge of the wilderness, have I mentioned that?
  • Yesterday at naptime Genevieve would not go to sleep, but instead cried and fussed for such a long time that I finally went in to check on her. Turns out she was SITTING UP in her crib, totally distressed about the fact that she didn't know how to lie back down by herself. She was so worked up that I had to take her out and nurse her to sleep, which, you know, I don't even mind doing occasionally because now that she doesn't need to nurse to fall asleep, sometimes those little cuddle moments are just so nice and sweet. The way she clutched her little Silky in one fist and fell hard asleep in my lap with her chubby legs curled up and her bare feet so cute and round, and then snuggled right against my shoulder when I lifted her up to put her back to bed--it was like a pre-Mother's Day present. But that sitting up in the crib stage--do you remember that? This was Genna's first time. It's so annoying--but so endearingly sad too! They're all like, Help, I didn't mean it, lay me back down, I'll go to sleep now, I promise! I don't know how I ended up like this!
  • Yesterday morning we all went for a walk. I told Julia it was a treasure hunt walk, to collect leaves and blades of grass and sticks and other interesting tidbits of nature to use for an arts-and-crafts project after nap. She was so excited, and we collected a nice little Ziploc of specimens. We used Elmer's to glue our treasures onto paper plates to make nature collages. No, we did not include the live earthworm we found on the sidewalk. And yes, I am very proud of my alpha mom self.


donna said...

Poor Genna. It'll happen again when she learns to stand but doesn't know how to sit.

Shan said...

Yeah--not my favorite baby stage. :(

Jim said...

Oh what a funny baby!