Sunday, May 13, 2007

Give it a Rest

You have not seen sad until you've seen your baby sitting up, crying, WITH HER EYES CLOSED, in her bed, because she has recently learned to sit herself up from a lying-down position and apparently feels compelled to perform such maneuver repeatedly despite no knowledge of how to reverse it when she becomes so tired she can no longer keep her eyes open.

But then, you have not felt frustration until you have lowered said baby onto her back over and over, only to have her, each time, scream furiously, pop back up like a Weeble, and then continue sobbing as her head involuntarily falls forward and jerks back in a fight with sleep.

When this goes on for two hours, late on Mother's Day, when you are the only parent at home to deal with it, and when three times in a row you finally find the baby with the lower half of her body in a perfect seated position and the upper half lowered straight down between her legs all the way to the mattress, and she is so pathetic and uncomfortable that she is actually periodically WEEPING IN HER SLEEP, but when you swiftly, while holding your breath, pull her hips back and over to the side so she'll lie on her tummy on the bed, she then lifts her head, wails with dismay, and SITS BACK UP, you may find yourself stress-eating all the chocolates you got from your husband for Mother's Day and pacing the stuffy, 80-degree living room to the soundtrack of the "What Not to Wear" marathon on cable, muttering to yourself about how Mother's Day really ended on a low note.


Elise said...

Poor Gigi! At least it sounds like you had a nice mother's day up until that point. She's just testing you. :-)

Shawn said...

I remember this ... with my twins! Yeah, not fun. Just wait until she learns to stand.

Shan said...

Hey Shawn, I appreciate your comments, and the fact that you stop by my blog now and then! I've seen your pics of your girls on your blog, and boy are those twins CUTE!