Sunday, June 10, 2007

Big Love

This weekend I noticed that Julia's blankie--her Silky, we call it: a satin-backed, hand-made, Pooh-print baby blanket she's had since she was an infant--is TOTALLY falling apart. It's way more threadbare than the last time I examined it, which should tell you something about how often--or not often, as the case may be--we think to kidnap it from her bed and throw it in the wash. Last time I checked, there was one hole in the satin backing, which Julia liked to worsen with her fingers as she fell asleep. Now there are six or seven holes, plus the edges of the binding are completely undone all the way around the perimeter, leaving wispy threads hanging off the hem for Julia to pull off and discard on the floor around her bed. Ah! So that's what I've been vacuuming up recently! Poor Silky! It looks like it's been through a war. A very loving war.

Speaking of love (and have I told you that "speaking of..." is Julia's new favorite figure of speech? And that she uses it correctly? After discussing a friend's newborn during lunch: "Speaking of babies, Mama, Genevieve is a baby too!"), Genevieve has just learned to say "Mama," to clap her hands and bounce when we sing or recite a rhythmic poem, and give big, indiscreet hugs and kisses (sometimes) upon command. How can you not love that?

And finally, happy happy joy joy: the annual Justin Roberts concert is this week. Our family is already buzzing with excitement, and no, I don't mean just the kids. I said last year that this June we'd be there with two girls instead of just one, so bedtime be damned, and stay awake Vivi, we're going. Because talk about love! There's nothing more lovey--and lovely--than sweet happy music under the sunset with your babies and half the town.

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