Saturday, June 30, 2007

Do You Think Popcorn AND Junior Mints is a Little Much?

This afternoon I am going out with some girlfriends (fellow full-time at-home moms) to see a movie at the giant multiplex two towns up the interstate. I am purposely not going to eat lunch beforehand, so I'll be appropriately hungry for popcorn. I have cash in my handbag and mascara on my eyelashes. Can you tell that I am SO EXCITED? To give you a little perspective, I have only been to one movie with girlfriends since Julia was born three years ago. (I have also seen two movies solo, and two movies on rare "dates" with Christopher, so it's not quite as dire as you might think. However, in my pre-children life, going to movies was my favorite weekend activity, so it was hard to go without, especially at first. Later, I got used to it, and stopped thinking about it. Plus, never going to movies--or out to dinner, for that matter--is a GREAT money-saver when you're on a tight baby-budget, so it's probably good that we don't have available family nearby to babysit and we don't have any good restaurants in our small town.)

In other news, Julia's in big-girl cotton training underpants today for the first time since potty training began in earnest earlier this month. (We're trying training underpants first before resorting to the bare-bottom method.) So...isn't it nice that I get to leave for the afternoon?*

*(Don't feel too sorry for Christopher. In a week and a half, he goes on a four-day business trip, leaving me alone with both girls for the first time. I have several friends with children whose husbands travel on a regular basis and they don't seem to dissolve into attacks of panic and dread every time they think or talk about it, but that only makes me admire those friends all the more, not dread my own upcoming solo-parenting stint any less.)

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