Monday, June 18, 2007

Get Out and Play

At the beginning of June, in the spirit of a Retro Mom summer, I declared my goal that I would get the girls outside to play at least once every day all summer long, unless it was raining or above 90 degrees. Every. Single. Day. So far we're doing well, though it's only been, what?, two weeks or so. We've been doing stroller walks, hikes in the college arboretum and nature preserve, romps at any number of parks and playgrounds, outdoor playgroup meetings, walks downtown, runs through Julia's sprinkler and soccer scrimmages in the backyard with her miniature soccer set. And sometimes we stay still and play at Julia's sand table or draw on the sidewalk with chalk.

Since Julia's just three and Genevieve is hard to pacify outdoors (no, Vivi, no rocks in the mouth! no sidewalk chalk in the mouth! no, you can't eat the gravel at the park! no, you can't eat the sand from the sand table! no, you can't get out of the stroller and walk, because you can't walk yet!)--and also because they're both on long-term daily antibiotics that cause them to sunburn even if they're slathered in SPF 55--this feels like no small feat.

Even though it's only mid-June and we've got most of the summer ahead of us.

Oh, and hey! For those rainy days? Guess what I did over the weekend? I assembled a craft box, full of Elmer's school glue and wrapping paper scraps and toilet paper tubes and paper plates and toddler scissors and ribbon and empty berry baskets. Because sometimes you just gotta do yourself some arts-'n'-crafts.


Nonna said...

What a perfect swimsuit for that little "Sesame Street" fan! She's a sweet bathing beauty, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

It is really a perfect swimsuit.