Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Impetuous Baby

Vivi (as Julia, and now our whole family, nicknames her) is in total unabashed love with her Silky. A little mini-blankie with one fuzzy side and one satiny side, she sleeps with it, cuddles it, coos and grins at it when she wakes up each morning, and throws it over her face when she nurses at bedtime. She carries it all over the house, and rubs it against her cheeks.

So why has she begun pitching it over the side of her crib every time she goes down for nap or bedtime?

We hear her usual verbal shenanigans over the monitor--the babbling, the yapping at her PJ Bear, and sometimes the dissatisfied moans. And when we check on her later, after she's fallen asleep, we find her pink flowered Silky sitting forlornly on the floor next to her bed. Sometimes at the end of nap we find her sitting up on her knees, hands against the side of the crib, squawking unhappily at the Silky beyond her reach. What exactly is going on in there when we leave the room? Do Genevieve and her blankie get into a fight? Does she impulsively throw it overboard, only to immediately regret her actions? Only to resign herself to sleeping without it by her side? Is she yelling at it in her bed when we hear her fuss and groan over the monitor? (You made me do it; it's all YOUR fault!) Or is she imploring it to take a flying leap back into her crib, or imploring us to come and return it to her?

Every morning I say to her, "Vivi! Why did you throw your Silky overboard?!" and she grabs it to her face with glee. She croons at it, giggles, and sucks on the binding. All is clearly forgiven. Until the next nap.


Jim said...

Maybe she subscribes to the theory that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Fonder for the silky that is!

Donna said...

I was thinking she does it in an effort to get you back into her room to pick it up. Does she play the dropsy game with you guys? My daughter loves that game.

Shan said...

She hasn't really done that game yet, and so far we don't actually go in and retrieve her Silky for her...we just discover it on the floor later. So, if that's her plan...she's not learning from its lack of results!