Sunday, June 03, 2007

She's Three

Sure, we've been celebrating for awhile, but this weekend Julia actually turned three. The last of the birthday celebrations took place: a family party with Nonna, Boppa, and "Auntie" Sue (actually my godmother) on Saturday. (The "early-birthday" party happened over Memorial weekend, with Grandma and sweet family-friend Jan.)

Coming up on this birthday weekend, I was a little worried that it couldn't be as perfect as last year, when Julia turned two. I kept replaying those memories in my mind: the storybook weather, the sunlight, the flowers; the bubbly chaos of toddler cupcake-eating; the sundress, the photos, the bubble-blowing and chalk-drawing outside after dinner; the way Julia wilted at sunset like a sleepy birthday rose, and went to bed with happy songs in her head and new jammies on her body; the end of the day, when the adults chatted and ate berry cobbler on the patio until the night and the mosquitoes drove us in. We ended that day with sober memories of our firstborn's hard-knocks birth, and with much contentment and excitement for the lovely summer ahead, a summer that would end with another birth. Recalling all that, I thought, Can Three be as amazing?

Well: yes. Because the house filled up with love and busy-ness, and games were played and songs sung and baby sisters mollified, and there was cake and ice cream and bubbles and paint and Play-Doh. And because all at once, Julia began using the potty chair, saying her "L's", and solo-pedaling her Big Wheel. Now THAT'S taking the passage of another year seriously--wouldn't you say?

And also because, well--Julia at three is just as sweet as Julia at two. Different in a thousand ways, brilliant and hilarious, taller than ever--and still the sweetest thing on two feet.

Did you know that three-year-olds are no longer babies? It's true. One day: two, and in my book still a perfectly acceptable baby prototype--after all, only two!--just a baby. Next day: three, with babyhood giving me a backward wave goodbye.

It's so, so hard to believe.


Elise said...

Yay Three!! Can't wait to see the birthday girl. Sounds like a series of fabulous parties.

Donna said...

Three already! Amazing.
You know what? You can still fool yourself into thinking three is still a baby. But four? No way. Yeah, that's where I'm at now... Can't believe my son is almost four.