Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We Still Had Fun

I think our family has a new catchphrase. It goes as follows. And you have to say it in a very earnest, cheery, glass-half-full, toddler-esque tone of voice.

"Even though [insert timely calamitous event here], we still had a lot of fun!"

Remember a couple of months ago when I ran that 5K in Minneapolis, and on the drive up Julia threw up in the car? And at the end of the day, that's what she said? "Even though I throwed up in the car, Mama, we still had a lot of fun!" Oh, toddlers. Even throwing up in the car can't stop them from having a joyous day, if the day happens to involve smoothies, sidewalk chalk, and some playground equipment.

Since then, she's repeated that sentence a few times: "Even though you sprayed sunscreen in my eye, Mama, we still had a lot of fun!" "Even though Genevieve fell over and cried, we still had a lot of fun!" It's good she's so able to maintain her sense of enjoyment despite the slings and arrows of daily life, isn't it?

This morning we went for a hike in a local nature preserve with my friend Dawn and her two kids. As a favor to another friend, who had to work for a couple of hours today but couldn't find a sitter, we brought along Julia's other playgroup buddy, a rambunctious toddler with a flair for the mischievous. It was quite an adventure. Let's just say that Dawn and I, wrangling three toddlers, two infants, a double stroller, two diaper bags, and a motley assortment of sippy cups, snack containers, sunscreen bottles, sunhats, and bug sprays, got quite a workout.

And Julia had the quote of the day, as we bellied up to the lunch table at home afterward: "Even though Lucas ate a pinecone, we still had a lot of fun."

Whew. Yep.

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