Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why Can't I Breastfeed Forever?

Have I mentioned that Genevieve is growing increasingly bored with nursing? And that as far as the daytime nursings go (mid-a.m. and mid-afternoon snack), apparently just about everything in the world is way more exciting than lying still long enough to take more than a sip or two? That leaves just the wake-up and bedtime nursings as even remotely substantial. Who knows how few ounces of milk she's actually taking in these days. I suppose I should call our pediatrician and ask if I can sneak whole (cow's) milk to her a couple of months early. There's no way I'm going to introduce formula to her at this point, and I'm certainly not going to start pumping again just to get breast milk to put into a cup for her to drink with her meals.

Oh, and have I mentioned that, since Genevieve is just barely still a nursling, it really is time now--really, for real, I mean it--to stop eating like a lumberjack? A very chocolate-addicted lumberjack? Who also likes ice cream quite a bit? It is. Oh, people. It is.

Not all that long ago, my body was producing, who knows, maybe 30 to 40 ounces of milk every single day (probably more, actually--I made way too much in those early months). Yeah, um....there's a big difference between manufacturing 40 ounces of milk each day and manufacturing, maybe, eight. Guess what? Your body doesn't require you to be a total pig anymore just to operate. And if you insist on continuing to be so, you will gain weight. Surprise! What a bummer. I liked being a total pig. It was delicious.

Have I mentioned that, owing to all this, awhile back I decided (in my own head) that, once summer began, I'd get serious about giving up sweets (namely chocolate), exercising like the summer-loving runner that I am, and stemming the tide of weaning-related belly flab? Meet the end of summer in really, really good shape to run the Northfield 5K and feel less guilty about the no-doubt terrible state of my (current, unknown but much dreaded) cholesterol level?

And that I keep thinking I'm gonna start doing all that soon, now that summer is starting? Except it's actually JUNE FREAKING TWENTIETH? People, June 20th is not the beginning of summer, calendar be damned. June 20th is THREE WEEKS INTO SUMMER. It is late June. It is nearly one-third of summer OVER.

Yeah, I used to be good with deadlines. Then I had two kids.


Jordan said...

I remember having the same question with Lyle a couple months before he turned one and yes, the doctor said to absolutely start giving him cow's milk early! He was sooo happy! Daytime nursing is just not that interesting when you have a big sister or brother around to watch! Not like the old days of sitting in some quiet, boring place nursing our 1st-borns, is it?

Donna said...

I totally agree with Jordan. My daughter is hard to nurse when my son is around. Unless she's starving - first thing in the morning, bedtime or right when I get home from work.

Shan said...

Yep--our firstborns didn't have anyone else to pay attention to while they nursed!