Monday, July 16, 2007

Be My Guest

In the past seven weeks, we have hosted nine visits from out-of-town friends and/or family--everything from afternoon tea to full weekend stays (and had two others planned but the friends had to cancel). Nine. In seven weeks.

Every single one of these visits was enjoyed and cherished; I feel so blessed to realize that our kind, generous friends love us enough to drive an hour or so to our still-newish town just to see us, just to drink coffee and talk about children and work and politics and TV in the same way we used to do those things together in cafes or living rooms fifteen minutes away from each other, tops. They come to us these days because they know that with two small children and two rigid naptime, mealtime, and bedtime schedules to accommodate, we don't get out of town all that often.

But the part that really kicks me is that all this hosting--this crazy, busy, social summer--is exhausting beyond belief. Maybe it's just me? With the three-year-old and the baby, with the teething and the nursing and the diapers and the potty training? Maybe it's that I have some kind of stamina problem? That I can get through the normal routine okay, and even run a few times a week and cook from scratch each night, and bring up these babies with reasonable levels of energy and enthusiasm, but much as I love it and beg for it and plan it, throw nine out-of-town visits in seven weeks my way and I'm bordering on comatose come mid-July?

I'm not sure. But it makes me conflicted, this summer. I love it all, but it would probably do me good to have a week or two (two! imagine!) with absolutely nothing scheduled, no one coming to visit. And yet, I know too that I will look back on this summer--the summer Julia turned three, Genevieve's first full summer in our family, the summer we had friends over so often that Julia began to ask each Monday, "Who is coming to see us THIS day?"--and I'll be so grateful for the memories.

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