Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Best Poem Ever

People, you just have to read this poem. It brought tears to my eyes (because my first baby also gave me three days of prodromal labor, and also refused to sleep, and also continued to refuse to sleep). So poignant! So funny! SO good.

Come on, now--how can you resist something called, "The Newborn Explains Three Days of Prodromal Labor; The Newborn Explains His Unhelpful Sleep Patterns; The Infant Explains His Continuing Sleep Problems"?


Mom said...

Great writing...and I was totally surprised when the author was named "David". Whaaaaaat??

Shan said...

I'm assuming it's the daddy!

Christopher said...

Fantastic! The first one is my favorite, but all three are excellent. I'd love to read more of these, if he continues to write them: "The Toddler Explains His Meltdown over Cheese", "The Toddler Discusses the Word 'No'", etc.