Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bodies in Motion

While Christopher was gone, the girls and I were busy. This stemmed the tide of loneliness and frustration of being by ourselves 24 hours a day, and took my mind off the crushing disappointment that one of my closest friends, who now lives in TX and whom I haven't seen in almost a year, had to cancel her trip to stay with us this week at the very last minute.

During the four days I was on my own, parenting-wise, we went to: the library (twice), Spring Creek Park (twice), Target, a playdate at some friends', a local cafe for supper with a friend of mine and her preschooler (who were also Daddy-less this week), our favorite coffee shop, our elderly next-door neighbor's house to visit, the YMCA's Friday Preschoolers in the Park program at a nearby grade-school playground, and CostCutters (to get Julia's hair cut). All that, and we even missed our regular twice-monthly playgroup one morning because Genevieve napped through it. I didn't do any of this hyper-scheduling planfully; it just happened. (Hmmm, could this have anything to do with why summer has seemed so frenetic and insanely busy this year? And oh, have I mentioned that tomorrow we are having a--much-beloved, completely dear--family of five over to our house for brunch?)

Perhaps non-coincidentally, during those four days alone, I did not have time to wash my hair. You heard me. FOUR DAYS. Thank God for the ponytail. Why do you think I refuse to cut my newly-grown-long hair? (There was no way for me to shower in the mornings, since both girls woke up at the exact same moment each day, namely six-Good-Lord-above-why-me?-a.m., and I had no access to my bathroom/shower in the evenings after the girls went to bed, because for complicated reasons relating to my friend's previously scheduled visit, Vivi was sleeping in my room, which is connected to the master bath. I won't try to explain why I could not move Vivi back to her prior sleeping-space by myself. Nor will I try to explain why I was not willing to run the shower mere feet from the sleeping baby's head and risk waking her up. Are you kidding me? After 14 hours of nonstop parenting? Um, no.)

Nor was I able to exercise this week. I mean, I couldn't leave the house by myself for a run (and we don't have a double jogger--but HA! I am laughing out loud at this very moment imagining myself attempting to run while pushing 60 pounds of children plus 20 pounds (?) of stroller). And by the time both girls were in bed at night, it was impossible for me to work out to an exercise DVD--I mean, what with being in a coma and all.

And now, loyal readers, it is time for me to go back to bed. Because parent #2 is home now, the wake-up nursing is done, and I. AM. WIPED. OUT.

P.S. Yes I promise I will wash my hair today.


Gift of Green said...

Washing hair, or showering at all for that matter, is so passe. Think of all the water/shampoo/conditioner you're saving. You haven't not washed your hair in four days...your saving the ENVIRONMENT. : )

Shan said...

I love it! Thank you for pointing that out! :) Actually, I have already congratulated myself--many times--on how much money I am saving on shampoo and conditioner.