Monday, July 23, 2007

How Do YOU Find Balance?

So I'm yammering on some more about that massage over at Work It, Mom! in case you need a quick read about mamas and the elusive search for balance. Thanks for reading!

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Grandpa Jim said...

There is no balance! Its like searching for the Fountain of Youth! Once you decided to become a parent you tossed balance to the winds for at least a dozen and half years! Until they are able to fend for themselves and are gone you will find them occupying your mind at the spa or in the cozy rocker or at teatime while your spouse labors with them at home! Even later, alone at home, you will wonder when you can visit, how their careers are developing, how the grand children are growing, and on and on! So just give up the quest for balance! There is no balance. You can spend your time more wisely taking care of the children!