Saturday, July 28, 2007

That's My Girl

It was a gorgeous day here today, so after nap Christopher and I took the girls over to the other college campus in town--the one Christopher doesn't work at--for a sweet little Family Walk. I had never seen the St. Olaf campus (oddly enough, since the two colleges anchor this whole small town), but I'd heard it was leafy and lovely and I figured it would a great place to take Genevieve on a stroller walk and let Julia run around and explore.

I was right. Oh my! So pretty! So picturesque! So....collegiate! Seriously, people: totally lovely. If you're ever nearby, you really should visit the St. Olaf campus just to stroll the grounds and admire the stone buildings, the gorgeous flower beds, the many peaceful places to sit and daydream in the sun, the amazing view from the top of the hill, and the wind chime memorial. So, so nice.

It was so nice that, on a shortcut through the Union back to our car, I told Julia that she could go to college there some day, if she wants to. She agreed, enthusiastically. Then she added, "Yes! I want to be a college student. And then a psy.....a psychologist."

I refrained from outwardly cringing (Four years of college and then six years of graduate school, people! The loans! The exams! The killer residency! Oh, people.), and just as I was about to play the appropriate supportive mom and tell her that was a fine goal, she said, "I'll be a psychologist. And then, when I'm a mama, I'll make dinner."

OK, so before you get all worked up about what kind of anti-feminist, traditional-gender-roles lesson this little girl has internalized via life in our household--women are only good for cooking dinner? once they have babies they just give up their prestigious careers and graduate degrees and stay home and...and...MAKE DINNER?!--just remember this: there is nothing--NOTHING--more important to Julia than dinner. The person who cooks dinner IS A GENIUS GODDESS DESERVING OF ALL MANNER OF PRAISE, REWARD, AND ETERNAL DEVOTION. AND A MEDAL. AND A CROWN. WITH A SASH. If it were up to Julia, the person who cooks dinner would get a nice fat biweekly paycheck, with full benefits and an expense account. And quite possibly a holiday bonus.

Just to be clear, though, I commented, "You know, daddies can cook dinner too. In some houses, the daddies cook dinner. Not in ours, but in some." Christopher felt the need to feebly chime in, "I could cook dinner....some night..."

Julia waited just a moment. Then she said, "Daddy, I think tonight could be that night."

I think she's learning all the right lessons. Don't you?


Auntie Heidi said...

Well, you can tell Julia that Uncle Greg cooks dinner... at least 1/3 of the time... well, maybe 1/4... but, yes, it does happen!

That's a very cute story!

Donna said...

Sweet! In our house, Mom and Dad share the cooking. In fact, Dad has been doing much more of the cooking lately. (Mom isn't complaining.)

I have to ask... What did C make?

Shan said...

Oh, he didn't. I had already prepared dinner before we left so it would be ready when we got home. The truth is that I do all the cooking on weekdays because I'm the one who's home to start it. But that of course does not explain why I do all the cooking on Saturdays and Sundays.

donna said...

Darn it! I wanted to hear about what Christopher made for dinner. Did he learn nothing when we cooked dinner in the dorm kitchen?

Christopher Tassava said...

I have plans. Big plans.