Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vivi Full of Love

Genevieve is full of love these days. She's started making a kissy noise when she wants to plant one on someone she adores: "mmmm-MUH!" When you go in to get her at the end of nap, she reaches up for you and goes, "mmm-MUH? MUH? MUH?" until you let her swipe her slippery mouth across your face, or until you yourself smack your lips all over her sweet baby skin. Of course the person she wants to kiss the most is her big sis.

Julia's a pile of love herself most of the time, so she generally allows herself to be "kissed" (slimed?) by the baby with admirable good nature. Or when Vivi demands it ("mmm-MUH! MUH! MUH!"), she'll lean over and kiss Vivi's cheek like the sweet big sister she is.

Look at those two cuddly kittens! Aren't they just the sweetest lovey cutie-kins in the entire world? Don't ruin it for me now. Just say they are.

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