Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back to School

Today I found out that the ECFE class for Genevieve's age group will meet this year on Wednesday mornings. I'm determined to give Genevieve the same opportunity to do ECFE with Mama as Julia had as an infant/toddler--why shouldn't she get the same benefits?--so Julia will go to "sibling care" during Genevieve's class (just as Genevieve did last year, during Julia's class). Sibling care is simply unstructured play in a giant playroom/classroom staffed by one of the early-childhood-education teachers, during the educational/developmental class for the other sibling and parent.

All of this means that, starting in September, the girls and I will have "school" of one sort or another three mornings in a row! Preschool for Julia on Tuesday and Thursday, and ECFE for Genevieve (with Julia tagging along) on Wednesday. Wow. Talk about a major change for our household. I mean, we're always busy, but usually it's with things that run on our own informal schedule--casual playdates, park meet-ups, the grocery store.

Back-to-school season, indeed! It's August, people: the race begins!


Heidi said...

Ohhhhhh, and you're just at the very beginning, my dear!!!

Grandpa Jim said...

Pretty soon you will hauling one to MIT and the other to UCLA!

Shan said...

Heidi--Yes, you are right, and it's a good thing, too. I'm glad I have two whole years of preschool ahead of me to gradually get myself acclimated to the world of "Kids in School" before the REAL deal begins! I'm not great with change, and I'm not great with my babies growing up, so I'll need the whole two years to get myself psyched up for kindergarten! And then the year Julia starts kindergarten, Genevieve will be starting preschool! Oh my!