Monday, August 06, 2007

Concussion City

Genevieve has another black eye. She has developed into a ridiculous climber, have I told you that? But she's totally unsteady, and has yet to walk on her own, so she's not exactly prepared, physically, to do the things she is intent on doing.

Today she, in the blink of an eye, crawled herself right up onto one of the playroom child-sized chairs, then STOOD UP on the seat, and promptly fell off it. Right onto her head. Before I could get to her. Luckily, the playroom is carpeted.

Later today, she pulled herself partway up the side of a desk chair (where Julia and I were sitting watching a YouTube video of a "Sesame Street" segment), then, just as I attempted to hoist her up to join us, she lost her balance and fell face-first into the wooden base of the chair.

A few minutes ago, in the bathroom with Christopher and Julia, she tried to climb the stepstool to the sink while Christopher was juggling both girls, a bath, and a toothbrush. She fell onto the floor.

Lest you think that all we do from sunrise to sunset is neglect Vivi while she injures herself, please note that these three incidents were interspersed with about, oh, ten thousand other times today when we caught Genevieve before she tipped off the couch, crawled lightning-quick off the side of the bed into thin air, or slipped back floor-ward after trying to scale the armchair.

We've got two children now, people: you just can't be everywhere at all times once you hit that threshold. Someone's gonna get hurt sometimes, and most of the time it's probably gonna be that fearless, hard-scrabble, gotta-keep-up, second baby.

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