Friday, August 31, 2007

Help Mama Dress

Do you know the extremely stylish and kind Susan Wagner, she of Friday Style and The Working Closet and BlogHer and Friday Playdate and ParentDish (really, for what fantastic online site does this amazing writer NOT write?!) and, perhaps, the final word on all things mama-style-related? Well, you should. She's awesome. And stylish. And famous.

And Susan, she believes, oh so rightly, in NOT being the mama in sweat pants and flip-flops in the preschool drop-off line. She believes, instead, that you can be a stay-at-home mom--even one of a one-year-old and a three-year-old--and still look pulled-together and stylish in a real-world kind of way. That you can be in that preschool drop-off line on that very first day of your oldest child's first year of preschool next week, looking nice and pretty and appropriate and serene (OK, I added that last part; I have no idea if Susan promises serene) and NOT like you've been nursed from, spit up on, crawled over, grabbed at, cried on, and sidewalk-chalked with for the past three solid years. And she promises me you can do all this on a budget.

Yes, I said "me." Because guess who somehow, some crazy magic-of-the-Internet-sort-of-way, ended up as the subject of Susan's latest essay over at Friday Style? Wherein Susan answers the question, "What should Shan wear when preschool starts?"

Check it out.

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donna said...

That's a neat blog.