Friday, August 17, 2007

Her Lungs are Healthy, That's for Sure

Genevieve had her 12-month well-baby check-up today. She started screaming when I placed her on the baby scale so the nurse could weigh her, and she didn't stop until she was in her carseat riding home over an hour later. When the doctor tried to look at her eyes (you know, by so torturously aiming a harmless small light in the general vicinity of her eyeballs? not even touching her? the horror!), in addition to continuing her Scream of Rage, Genevieve actually shook her head no and slapped the light away. She did the same thing with the otoscope and the stethoscope. Dr. Kram said she's clearly going to be in school plays when she gets older. (VERY DRAMATIC.)

Naturally, with a wind-up like that, the SHOTS didn't go over so well. Nor did the finger-prick at the lab to get blood for the hemoglobin and lead tests, where TWO lab technicians had to hold onto her arm, and it still took way longer than normal because they had to clutch her freakishly strong hand so tightly to get her to hold still that no blood could actually get down to her finger.

Did I mention that during this entire appointment, you could hear her screams down every hallway and into every station's waiting room, where numerous elderly folks and other child-free patients kept giving us Long-Suffering Glares of Annoyance? Yeah, tell me about it, people, I just put up with two meltdowns from the three-year-old this morning, BEFORE the hour-long pediatrician check-up from hell, so cry me a river.

But hey! It's naptime now, so let's turn the page on the morning and talk about the interesting stuff--that is, the stuff that is only interesting if you are a parent or grandparent to my particular infant. Everyone else, I apologize.

Genevieve's a total peanut. Well, compared to all the babies WE'RE used to in this family--meaning, the other one we've had for three years. Genevieve is 29-1/2 inches tall now, which is the 64th percentile for her age (down from the 82nd percentile at her 9-month check-up). She weighs 20 lbs., 8 oz., which is the 41st percentile for her age (down from the 50th last time). This does not really surprise me, because I could tell she hadn't grown all that much over the summer: she's still wearing all the clothes I dressed her in last May, some of which are labelled six-to-nine-months size, for 19-1/2 to 21-1/2 pounders (though: that's one big six-month-old). Still, she has grown an inch and gained two pounds in the last three months, so she's fine and healthy. It's just a little odd to see her percentiles decrease further at every well-check in her first year, when with Julia I don't think we ever saw anything but the 90s--and usually the high 90s at that. Interesting, no? I mean, their diets are/were the same. But Vivi is a much more active baby than Julia ever was. I think she burns off most of what she eats.

Oh, and have I told you that Miss Stubborn and Dramatic refuses to drink cow's milk? No big surprise, is it, considering her reaction to that brief attempt at formula earlier this summer when she went on her daytime-nursing-strike? (By the way, that was totally temporary, and she resumed nursing just fine in a week or two.) Luckily, she's still nursing, so at least she's getting some milk. But girlie: you've gotta drink the store-bought stuff eventually, so you might want to consider being a bit more open-minded.

Oh yeah, you're your mama's daughter. Forgot. Yeah, you'll do what you want, won't you?

You're still as sweet as strawberry pie, and those grumpsters in the waiting room don't even know. They'd all want to kiss you--for sure--if they knew.


Nonna said...

What an adorable picture! Those bright eyes are as big as saucers! Sorry she was so sad at the dr's but hey! she doesn't want anyone else to bother her!! Ever!!
She is definitely her own person!

Heidi said...

I think she gets the melodrama from her mama too!

Shan said...

That and her extreme charm.

Christopher Tassava said...

"Extreme charm." I'll have to think about that one for a while.

Shan said...

Nice. Sheesh. (eye roll.)