Sunday, August 26, 2007

Late-Summer Weekend

Because my writing creativity seems to be suffering a dry spell, here are some random tidbits from a late-summer weekend:

Friday night dinner at the home of some lovely new friends--a couple and their ebullient three-year-old daughter--where Julia and Genevieve inhaled an enormous quantity of chilled cucumber-yogurt-mint soup, olive and tomato bruschetta, marinated baked tofu, and roasted vegetables from the family's farm-share, and where, in true preschooler fashion, our tiniest host initiated a conversation about how "dead people don't go potty." Because "they can just go in their underwear." Aha.

Genevieve taking her first real steps--seven in a row to Daddy on Saturday. While Mama was out. (That's what you get for leaving me at home so you can run errands in peace, Mama!)

Julia catching a terrible summer cold, prompting me to offer to put on her Sesame Street DVD yesterday afternoon, to which she replied, "No thank you, Mama, I prefer to read a book." Then today, when she felt better and was playing "marching band" with Christopher--which involved making up rhyming songs while marching--she deflected a suggestion that SHE take a turn making up the song for a change by saying, "No, Daddy. I propose that YOU make up the rhyme." Prefer? Propose? What is this kid, twelve?

Mamas' night out on Saturday evening, having drinks with friends at a downtown pub with a patio overlooking the Cannon River, with the sun setting amazingly early now, and the air feeling decidedly crisp. Fall's coming. I love it.

Amidst all the usual cooking, cleaning, organizing, and caretaking, a fair amount of writing and running, reading and sleeping. Oh, and kissing little girls. All favorite activities.

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Christopher Tassava said...

My favorite moment of Juliaspeak occurred at the grocery store on Sunday afternoon. When I grabbed a bag of chips off the shelf, she said, "Daddy, chips! I love chips! Speaking of chips, the beaver in Richard Scarry is named Chips, as well."