Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Our Family is OK

A major interstate bridge over the Mississippi in the heart of Minneapolis collapsed into the river an hour ago in the middle of rush hour. The bridge also crosses directly over a very popular biking/running path that runs along the Mississippi and that was reportedly very busy on this sunny summer evening. (We used to bike along that path right under the I-35W bridge when we lived in Minneapolis. Terrifying.) Apparently, as one might imagine, many vehicles went into the water and the nearest urban medical center is in "full emergency mode."

I just want to let our loved ones know that WE ARE OK; no one in our family was up in the city today. Thank God.

Please, please, any friends up there reading this now, let us know--are you OK too?


Question said...

Bad news here. While I'm fine, one of my brother's good friends is missing and was heading toward that bridge at 5:55. Send positive thoughts his way.

Shan said...

Oh Lisa, please keep us posted. This tragedy is absolutely unbelievable. Have you seen the video on CNN? Stomach-turning.

Question said...

The guy is still missing. I'm waiting for an update from my brother to find out if they've found his car or if the diving for license plate numbers has started.

I've only met this guy once, so it is not so much a personal tragedy for me. But, I'm worried about my brother. I'm not sure he can deal with another tragedy this year.