Monday, August 20, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

It hardly seems fair that today is Monday AND a rainy day. Normally I like rainy days--and a week ago, we were desperate for rain around these parts, after a summer of drought and abnormally long, hot weather (twice as many 90+-degree days as normal for MN in summertime). But now, after three straight days of steady torrential rain, our state is drowning in flash floods, with several deaths and some houses on the Winona river bluffs being washed off their homestead cliffs. Uh, scary. What is it with southern Minnesota and disaster these days?

Anyway, it's a tough Monday. The weekend was, for me, not restorative enough. And given that my saintly husband let me go back to bed after Genevieve's wake-up nursing on Sunday morning, allowing me TWO AND A HALF HOURS of additional sleep, that's saying a lot. Oh, and he also took both girls to an indoor play area for an hour or so on BOTH mornings of the weekend--so, really, the fact that the weekend was not restorative for me should really tell you something.

It could tell you that a ridiculously screamy pediatrician appointment and four toddler meltdowns do not equal a good start to the weekend. It might tell you that discovering that the Minnesota Board of Psychology has decided to make it as difficult as possible for you to maintain your license while taking time off from work to be a stay-at-home mom, causing you to spend half the weekend frantically attempting to find ways to obtain extra credentials and documentation before the end of September, does not leave much time to de-stress and re-charge. Perhaps it tells you that multi-hour trips to a mall in another town in order to pay someone an insane amount of money to photograph your baby WHILE SHE CRIES are not, in fact, relaxing. Or that worrying about bills, income, and the potential need to return to work when you really, really do not want to leave your tiny girls in daycare does not result in a rested, happy mama ready to face a new, busy week. Ya think?

So. I'd love to hear, people: how do YOU get through tough Mondays?

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