Sunday, August 05, 2007

Saving Graces

Sorry for the lack of writing here lately. Last week sort of disappeared into a haze of TV disaster coverage, with evenings spent watching the news specials about the heroic rescue workers--the 20-year-old youth worker who helped 62 children, some of them just preschoolers, off a field-trip school bus to safety--and the close-call survivors: the mom of the five-month-old baby who escaped her crushed car to clutch her daughter to her chest on the wrecked bridge, the grandpa with the punctured lung who made it out to hold his grandbaby the next day. And then we couldn't stop thinking about the people who weren't so lucky, especially as the names of the known missing were released on Saturday night--no doubt lost to the river--and they included a twentysomething pregnant woman and her two-year-old daughter. And the governor spoke and President Bush came and the image of the broken bridge lying in the Mississippi became even more surreal the more we gazed at it. We don't live up there anymore, but exurban sprawl means we're still almost part of the metro area, and we drive up to the city often enough to make it still feel like a part of our lives. It hasn't really been that long since we left Minneapolis, only a year and a half. We can still picture ourselves driving over that bridge as clear as day.

But amidst all the trauma and tragedy were the girls living their normal baby lives in our house, doing their routine child things like having tea parties and coloring. And, well, thank goodness, you know?

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Nonna said...

I think that Genna Rose could be you, Shannon, at that same age. I don't think I could tell your baby pictures apart!